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Home to comic industry veterans mink, Yoshitaka Amano, Paolo Parente, Davide Fabbri, Denis Medri, Dave Atchison and Tom Mandrake, Twistory Studios are the creative force behind Dust, Dust Wars, 13 Chambers and Shinjuku. 


Published in physical form by the world-famous Image Comics, new series' such as Dust and Dust Wars are selling out fast, meaning the studio is very much one to keep an eye on.


Orb Entertainment Ltd is delighted to be collaborating with such stellar talent and bringing Twistory comic books to the PSP Comic Store. Check back often to keep up-to-date with the latest releases from Twistory and Orb Entertainment Ltd. 

Story: mink & PAOLO PARENTE



Jump into battle as the Allies and Russian special forces join to fight the evil Axis; a powerful group whose plans to dominate the world are bolstered by their amazing robotic weapons, built using alien technology taken from a crashed space ship. Don't miss the first ever collection of the sold-out WW II/Sci-Fi adventure series, jam packed with new art and technical data on the robots, weapons, zombies and characters from the DUST universe!


Parts one and two out now on the PSP Comic store.





After Abraham Lincoln's death, one of President Jackson's first orders was to disband the 13 Marshals: a secret group of lawmen operating with complete federal authority. Set in a fantasy 1860s, 13 CHAMBERS is the story of the 13th Marshal and his Presidential mission to retrieve all 13 Territory Peace Keeper pistols and return them to Washington D.C. for retirement. All is well until he reaches a small town in four corners where an insane mining baron named YORK has killed the 12th Marshal and stolen his pistol.The 13th Marshal must get the pistol back at all costs and bring York to justice...or die trying.


Parts one and two now available on the PSP Comic Store!

On a clandestine mission deep into Russian territory, an American black ops team crash lands on an island research base that was mysteriously abandoned in the 1950’s. Cut off from the outside and under attack by an army of nightmarish creatures, Captain Nathaniel Renko is forced to battle his way through the hostile territory armed with the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) – a time altering weapon created over 50 years ago. Who created the TMD and why is just one of the many Cold War secrets Renko must uncover as he is thrown back and forth across time, making choices that will alter the course of world history.


Based on the Activision shooter, Singularity Part One is out now on the PSP Comic Store.

Twistory presents PAOLO PARENTE's pinup girl & awesome robot world like you have never seen before. Read along as Koshka's Russian KV-47 Squad & a rag tag group of American's join together to destroy Axis Commander Sigrid Von Thaler's top secret base deep behind enemy lines.



Featuring a fresh helping of sultry war goddessess, mechs, and superb battles  in Twistory's now customary jaw-dropping style, Dust Wars parts one and two are out right now on the PSP Comic Store.